Hard disk running constantly



I have Vista Business installed and have changed various things to have Vista
start and close quicker. It takes approx. 2½ minutes from I start my machine
until Vista is fully loaded. But after that the hard drive is running
constantly, which means it takes a long time to execute e.g. Excel. Can
someone tell me what I can do about that?


a. Open "Task Manager" ( Ctrl+Shift+Esc )
b. Go to "Services" tab and select the "Services..." button ( right-bottom )
c. You maybe are prompt for a UA confirmation ( "Continue" ) [ Run as
administrator ]
d. The "Services" window
e. Search for "Superfetch" in [Name] column
f. Select it and then make a right-click ( mouse ) and choose from the list
- "Properties" item
g. At "Startup type:" [ "General" tab ] select it "Manual" and for "Service
status:" choose "Stopped" ( click on the "Stop" button )
h. Click "Apply" and see if there is a change in your hard-disk running mode;

Have a nice day!

Steve Thackery

Disabling the search service and all the indexing of my 4 drives AND
disabling UAC were the two best things I ever did since installing
Vista on this machine.

Keeping them enabled were the best thing I ever did.

Obviously you don't bother searching for text strings inside files - if you
did, you would never recommend turning Vista's seach service off (unless
you're using an alternative like Copernic).

The fact that I can type "anisochronism" into Vista's search box, and it
INSTANTLY offers me a list of every file on my entire hard disk containing
that word, is just brilliant.

UAC is good, too. It alerts me whenever something with security
implications is about to happen. This is a GOOD thing, as every Linux and
Max OSX fan will tell you.


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