numerous issues with a new Vista notebook



So, long story, my old laptop got stolen and I just got a new hp laptop
(dv6451us) with Vista Ultimate.

Vista (with aereo turned off and many visual features disabled) is running
horribly. It takes upwards of a minute at times to open a folder and show
its contents. Also, my programs are continually "not responding" if I have
more than 1 application running. Videos and music play, but stutter
constantly. Booting is entertaining - I have to go into the device order
(even though the Hard Drive is first priority) and tell my computer to boot
from the hard drive or it will sit, never getting past the HP splash screen
(where you can enter setup or change the boot order).

I have downloaded the newer HP drivers - no performance help.

I have tried using microsoft update - but I get an error code (8007045D)
and no updates.

Any ideas on how I can get Vista to run properly?

Cal Bear '66

If it is a new computer, why don't you just return it? A new computer should
not have these problems.

I Bleed Blue and Gold

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