RAID Question




Compaq DL380 with 4 disks, 2 arrays.
SCSI ID's 0,1 with 2,3.

When splitting the RAID prior to installing some updates someone
shut down, then jacked out SCSI 1 & 3 then booted up and chose F2 to
"fail" 1 & 3 then continue.

Well the updates went wrong and now we need to boot from disks in scsi
1 & 3 and we can't. Obviously because they were failed previously. This
really isn't my area at all and I am a bit stuck now.

Anyone got any ideas about how we could get this machine to boot from
those disks? Would be very grateful for any suggestions at all!






Assuming these were mirror arrays?
Tried with a *single* disk connected (one of the boot disks) and perhaps a
repair install?

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