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Jul 11, 2016
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I have a computer (HPE-560Z) that came with 2 drives in a raid configuration. One drive died and it works fine as is except for a big boot issue. I can only boot or restart if any key is pressed. This is a big issue as I work with it mostly by remote and so any restart can't be unattended. I have tried reinstalling windows, and various BIOS SATA settings but can't fix it. The attached file isn't exactly like the BIOS page on the HP but it is similar. Thank you


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Feb 23, 2002
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Hello and welcome to the forums :). Lovely Yorkshire Terrier avatar btw!

Do you know what type of RAID configuration you had? Was it a RAID 1 setup for example? There's a helpful overview on the Wikipedia page that shows more about RAID levels:

If it was a mirrored setup, then it'll be expecting the drive that failed to be replaced so that the data can be synchronised again. I wonder if your system had a RAID controller, but the drives were just used as a standard primary/secondary setup? If you could explain a little more about the drive config that would help.

When booting, is there any other text that gives more information on why you need to press a key to boot?

This should be a simple enough problem to solve, but we'll need more information to be able to help first :).

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