Radeon 6970 on 3 monitors- Problems


Eddie Wall


I am running a Radeon 6970 on 2 monitors and now want to increase that
to 3 monitors,,, the graphix card is well capable of running them, the
two on DVI are working fine but the I cannot get the third up unless I
disable one of the others.

My Internet research tells me I need an ACTIVE display port to DVI
adaptor for the 3rd monitor... I bought an tried a passive adaptor
with no success.. ( in theory the passive one should have worked
according to demos on youtube ),

Can anyone recommend an ACTIVE display port to DVI adaptor
or know where I can get one...... the only ones recommended
by AMD are only available from the U.S. ( I am in Ireland ) and I am
not 100% sure any other unit will work.

Any help as always appreciated..>!

"But life is short and information endless;
nobody has time for everything" Aldous Huxley


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