Multiple monitors and ATI Graphics card - problems...




Wonder if any techy folk can help with this? Thought I'd be able to
sort it myself but I've been pulling my hair out over it...

My Dad has just got a new PC for doing video editing. It reports that
it's got an ATI Radeon X300 graphics card with D-SUB (old-style VGA)
and DVI output ports on the back.

He's got 2 Iiyama TFT monitors wired up to it, each of which have D-SUB
and DVI-D inputs on the back. We want to get it so that the Windows
desktop is spanned across both monitors but am having problems...

Monitor 1 is connected from the D-SUB port on the graphics card to the
D-SUB on the monitor. This works OK.

If I connect Monitor 2 with a DVI cable from the DVI port on the
graphics card to the DVI port on the monitor, Monitor 2 says no signal
and refuses to come out of standby.

If I connect Monitor 2 with a D-SUB cable from the monitor to the DVI
port on the graphics card via a D-SUB to DVI adapter, the display
appears but is a clone of what is seen on Monitor 1. Going into Windows
display settings, Windows is showing 2 adapters (the X300 and a
secondary) and 2 monitors (1 and 2) , but when I try and activate #2,
it changes from being ghosted to "live" and then almost immediately
goes back to being ghosted again. I can set "Extend my desktop", but
both monitors don't change from showing the same image.

Apologies for the long-windedness.





Try posting in the ATI group for a relevant answer:

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