Qutlook 2007 & Squid Proxy Server

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Shanket Bhattacharjee

Greetings to all.....

We have a Squid proxy server @ our office to distribute the internet

Now we use Google Apps for the emails.

I have configured the Outlook 2007 with the settings given by Google
(Incoming - pop.gmail.com; Port - 995 SSL; Outgoing - smtp.gmail.com;
Port 587 TLS).

We are unable to download emails into Outlook.

Now a few days back i was fiddling with the settings in Outlook and
suddenly discovered that Outlook was able to send mails with smtp port
set to 25 SSL (The default one).

I tried this for the incoming server also but in vein.

I need Outlook in order to read my mails when i am offline also.....

Plz help.





Shanket Bhattacharjee

Hi Diane,

Thanks for ur concern....

Yes the ports are open in Squid both the defaults and the one specified
by Google....

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