Quotas - List of files for an owner



I would like to generate a list of files for an owner.

I have a fileserver with quotas enabled. A few users are
utlizing a large percentage of the server's storage. I
would like to generate a report to provide each user with
a list of the files they own.

By going to Computer Management\Disk
Management\"xxx"\properties\Quota\Quota Entries, I can get
a listing showing the disk utilization for each user
(owner). Each user's disk utilization shows up in
the "Amount Used" column.

(Note: "xxx" is the name of the respective partition.)

Is there a way to list the path to each of the files that
make up the "Amount Used" value?

I found a Tech Info article (#320046 - How To: Use the
File Ownership Script Tool (Fileowners.pl) in Windows
2000.) This sounds like it will do what I need, but I have
been unable to find the "Fileowners.pl" file. Any ideas
where I can download this script.

I have an MSDN Universal Subscription which includes the
Windows 2000 Resource Kit. But, the Fileowners.pl file is
not included.

Arshi Jamal


You can use a third party software for this purpose. The
name of software is " DiskSpace Explorer "



Thank for the reply. I checked out DiskSpace Explorer.
Diskspace Explorer seems to give you good drill down
capabilities by folder. But I didn't see any way to query
based on "owner".

Windows quotas are accumulated by owner regardless of the
folders files are stored in.

I am looking for a utility or programming example that
will allow me to obtain a list of files by "owner".

Let me know if I have missed something with Diskspace
Explorer, but it doesn't seem to provide a listing by

If you know where I can download the Fileowners.pl file,
that would be great.

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