Wrong Disk Quota (Refresh interval?) - Win2k server


Raymond Geering


I enabled disk quota on the local disc d: of the file server and
entered some quote entries for the user.

For one user, it showed over 800 MB cause he was the
owner of some files in the distribution folder. Therefore I
took ownership (as domain admin) of all files in the
distribution folder.

Anyway, the quote entry for the user stayed at 800 MB.

Thus, I clicked onto delete for the quote entry of the user
to see the files he owns (is there another way to watch
this list?)

The quote entry still said that the user is owner of those
files in the distribution folder (I even took ownership
of those files again thre). When I look at the file
properties/security settings in the explorer, the
administrator is owner of those files - but disk quota
still ignores that.

Is this behaviour normal? Is there a refresh interval so that
it simply takes a while until disk quota will display the
correct settings?

Best regards



Raymond Geering


I noticed that disk quota wasn't really "enabled" yet. When I choosed apply,
disk quota started to rebuild the disk quota information.


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