Notification email for exceeded quotas on R2



I have a question regarding email notification, quotas and R2...

Here is the scenario:
I have requirements to manage data on a volume in 2 different ways:
1.) I want to limit a folder to a total of 150gb. ( only one folder
will exist on the volume)
2.) I want to limit all users to be able to only write 1gb to the
above specified folder.

The question is... Can I generate an email notification when the user
reaches the threshold... as well as when the folder reaches the

This is how I am configuring (which is not working!):

Within Disk manager:
1) I enable quotas on the volume
2) Deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit
3) Limit disk space for all new users to 1gb and notify at 900mb
4) Log events for both exceeds and notifications.

Within FRSM:
1) Create custom quota and link it to the folder I want to limit.
2) Space limit set to 150gb.
3) Notifications/emails are configured for specific thresholds (70%)

The quota is actually working (users can not exceed 1gb), however I am
not receiving emails (admin or user). Event log does recieve alert

Am I misconfiguring something or using improper logic for this
scenario? Is it possible to generate emails when setting quotas using
both NTFS and FRSM??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!




Oh and just to confirm that SMTP and notifications are working, just
not on this volume/folder combination.

I have adifferent volume with an auto quota on a folder. Notifications

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