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Vista Backup and Restore does not have much information about it in windows
help. I do a search on Microsoft web site and I get deep technical
information that does not answer my questions. Is there a place I can go to
learn more about Vista Backup and Restore without the deep technical

Vista Backup and Restore help says it backs up everything except MS Vista
operating system and installed software and temp files. Vista Backup and
Restore help implies it does backup the data from installed software but not
the installed software. As this is stated it is exactly what I want in
backup software. The question is how can I be sure it is backing up what I
want because the Help is so vague. Here are the questions:

I always run my computer in regular default user account. I use
administrator account only when absolutely necessary. If I run Vista Backup
and Restore in regular default user account will it backup all accounts
including administrator account?

Does Vista Backup and Restore backup all the folders or content I put in a
user account?

I use MS Outlook 2002. I only use MS Outlook 2002 for my calendar and
contacts. I do not use MS Outlook 2002 for email or anything else. Will
Vista Backup and Restore backup MS Outlook 2002 for my calendar and contacts
without going through the process of manually making a backup .pst file?

Background info: I have a AMD 4400+ 64X2 4GB memory 320GB HD(way bigger than
I need) Acer computer (AM3100-U3201A) I purchased new February 2008 running
MS Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit box. I check for MS auto updates very
frequently. I think it has onboard shared memory sound and video.

Thanks for the help.



Hi Bob,
I agree that there is not a lot of info on HELP re BACK UP.
I'm not a expert but I see you haven't had a lot or responds here so I'll
add what I know.
During the BACK UP it VERIFIES and if there is an error it will list it....
you may have to track down the answer but at least it advises you.
To check and see how your BACK UP session went open BACKUP & RESTORE.
Under BACK UP FILES click "change settings" another box will open and
advise you if the backup was successful.
RE; Pre-installed software does NOT usually come with original disks... but
the hard drive usually has a FACTORY IMAGE... that is a copy of your PROGRAMS
for recovery purposes. Check with your vender or original disks (ACER).

If you want to view your file folders you can click START on the right panel
-click COMPUTER. And click whatever drive or disk drive (CD or DVD) to view

Next time you are here go to the top of this page on the right and type in
"VISTA BACK UP" there are some straight forward articles on back up
including OUTLOOK.


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