vista backup



Running Vista Home 64 going to upgrade to 7 professional. I understand that
I will have to reinstall everything. My question is if I am using the vista
backup and restore once I have completed the 7 install will I be able to
restore my files with 7 even though it was originally backup up with vista
or do I need to manually copy all my files onto an external drive instead of
relying on the vista backup?






Gene E. Bloch

I don't know the answer (although there are posters here who do, I'm sure).
I suggest instead this workaround:

Download and install EASEUS Disk Copy\

It's free, although other items on the site aren't. They also have
something called Todo Backup which might serve your needs (right now, I
have no idea what the difference is).

You would burn the ISO file to a CD as an image, not a file, boot from it,
and copy your whole disk to a same-size partition on an external drive. Now
everything is there and in the regular disk format.

I believe that any encrypted files or folders should be unencrypted before
backing up this way.

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