Query runs perfectly but report pulls wrong information (Acces 2007)

Mar 17, 2016
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I didn't build this database (and wouldn't have set it up this way personally!) but have been tasked with expanding it.
I have a table for Events and also recommendations from these events - so each event has a set of recommendations. My boss didn't want me to add any additional tables (as I also needed to add Partners), personally I would have added a Partner Table too! Each Partner can have a number of events, and in turn each event can have a number of recommendations.
If the recommendation has been met, I flag it with a date - so that it doesn't show up on the report - this part IS working fine, However, where I have one Partner who has more than one event - the recommendations are being amalgamated, this is in spite of setting up grouping.
I've checked relationships, Primary Keys, and have gone onto properties within the report 'not keeping everything together as suggested on another thread. This hasn't worked.
It's not duplicating information, but not putting it into a specific group order. It's got my head battered !! I've sorted all other problems out, but this one is really bugging me ha ha ! Thanks


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