Show null values in Query

Feb 18, 2014
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I have two unrelated tables -

EventList: This has two fields: a specific date, and an event description.

Period table: This has two date fields (start and finish) and a period description.

The aim is to show all the events AND the period that the event falls within.

The following SQL works well for listing all the events and the period:

SELECT EventList.EventDate, EventList.EventDetail, Period.Period, Period.Start, Period.Finish
FROM EventList, Period
WHERE (((EventList.EventDate) Between [Period].[Start] And [Period].[Finish]));

However, there are several events that have no date (i.e. an unknow date). and therefore the query does not include them. I'd like the query to show all events regardless of whether they have a date.

If I add a "or Is Null" to the EventDate field, I get all the events with dates, and duplicate entries for each period.

Is there any way of listing all the events that have dates, and only one of each entry without dates?



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