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Evil mynd


I think I got a HW related problem. I am running a 733/133Mhz w/ 1GB
SDRAM. A cheap Gfx, Sound board w/ a 3COM905C, a 41GB Fujitsu HDD and
XP professional. What happened was (this is related) that the IE was
getting slow response. Really slow. I tried the backbone URL and I got
a fast response so I took for granted that the first site was slow.
After a few minutes the IE froze and I rebooted. After another few
minutes I fired up the IE and I could not get into the site I was
connect to before the reboot. The IE started to freeze up and the PC
froze. I rebooted, the RAM, the HDD was recognized...and I got the
black XP screen and then I got a blue screen. Same thing after that. I
disconnected the CDROM, the FDD, the 3com board, the sound board and
rebooted. Got the same response. I got the XP professional screen
(before the login) and the PC bliue screened on me. I changed the HDD
that got a NT4 and I got into the OS. I logged in and browsed around.
I deleted some files and tried to reboot...then the log out routine
froze. I pulled the plug. I put the NT4 as master and the XP HDD as
slave and tried to reboot. The PC recognized both the disks but said
that the XP could not be used or something like that. I removed the XP
HDD and tried to boot up on the NT4 and the OS did not seem to be
loading the Gfx driver. Only the OS dots came up and it went thru the
dots very quickly and then the NT4 blue screened on me too.

I closed down everything waited for 30 mins and then checked the RAMs
I have 1GB SDRAM so I took 2/3 out and when I tried to boot I could
see the boot...what I got was ONE short beep and four short ones. I
put all the SDRAM modules in 1GB total and got one short beep and four
short ones.

I am not sure what happened but can someone give me some advice on
what might have broken down ?





Reseat your video card. (should be 1 long beep, followed by 3 short.
I've been known to not be able to tell how many beeps, following the long
one...they are VERY short..easy to miscount). If that's not it, I don't
have a clue. Look in your motherboard manual for beepcodes, or the
website for your brand of BIOS if you don't have a motherboard manual.

Evil mynd stood up, at show-n-tell, and said:


If this is an AMI bios then:
1 beep is Refresh Failure
4 beeps is Timer not operational




I wouldn't have thought it would have been you memory but then again its a
process of trial and error, what size is your hard disk?, if it is betwwen
the 20 - 60Gb range then it will more than likely fail so i'd do regular
back-ups to cd or tape (if you have a tape drive).

Glad you got it working


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