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Pulse 360 -
I've done what you say to do and the annoying pop up still appears. I do not
want this on my browser so please tell me...tell all of us... how to truly
prevent this pop-up.

pulse 360 con

My problem is not with pop ups, but with my earthlink email home page. These
advertisements are there and I'd like to block them. I know they are very
very misleading and are tools for tricking people out of money from their
bank accts. As soon as you respond, and "try" the free product, if you don't
read very very carefully, they are now linked to your bank account and will
direct debit your account for unwanted items/services. You cannot contact
the company's as no one will answer the phone. I've lost about $ 200 to this
and want to alert as many people as possible. I also don't want the ads on
my email home page. Any way to delete them? thanks. laury

Sadric Amber

This may not be malicious to you Pulse 360 but it sure is to me. Anything
that adds something to my screen that I do not want there is malicious. I
will never buy anything Pulse360 promotes.

Rick S.

To "Pulse 360"
How about QUIT using STUPID tactics that annoy POSSIBLE customers!
Its bad enough we are forced to deal with htis type of idiocy from scammers,
spammers and the like and now you want us to accepth the same behaviour from
s so-called reputable site such as pulse360.com.
Personally I would never click on, purchase from or even view anything from
a website that has to use dirty tactics to get a customer. It simply spells
Just place an add on the webpage, if we want to view the contents of the add
we will, if not we wont!


Pulse 360

Thanks for the reply. It makes me feel better about "you". What you say is
not exactly true. Just because you aren't "Malicious" or "Spyware" doesn't
mean you aren't a bother. You really are a big bother. I have to do something
because of you. I shouldn't have to "opt out". That is crap. You are invading
my viewing experience and justify however you want, you have it backwards. I
didn't ask for you. I don't want you. I will purposefully avoid your
advertisers all that I can. I have sent an email to MSNBC about you.

I understand you wouldn't have a business if you waited for us to ask to see
your ads but that is the point. We don't want to. Unfortunately I wish there
was a way to coexist but don't believe ther is. Therefore I wish we could
pass laws prohibiting you from bothering us.

Again I thank you for your reply and wish I wasn't as hostile to you as I
feel but you have been a persistant bother for quite a while. I finally took
the time, more than I should have to, to get rid of you.

Lastly it is not easy to get rid of you. It takes quite a bit of searching
and research. The thing that would make me happy to coexist with you and not
wish the failure of your company would be a box on the pop-up that if checked
would "Opt Out" right then. Block you from me as I have indicated by checking
the box that you are not wanted. I feel you won't do that because so many
people will check it and you need to show numbers to sell your site.

The Doctor


Very easy to fix.......if the responsible network won't fix it........try
another network for your online news. It's very simple and MUCH less
frustrating. That's what I'm doing today!

This topic shouldn't require so much discussion as to how to fix permanently.



The fix is very easy. Stop using MSNBC for your updated news. Go to CNN or
CBS or ABC websites instead. I am done as of today.

Something this annoying that is not being dealt with by NBC needs to be
corrected individual by individual.


Try this:
Go to Control Panel
go to Internet Options
Go To Content Tab
Go To Content Advisor....Enable or Settings
Go To Approved Sites

Type: http://content.pulse360.com in the "Allow this site" box
Select Never and apply

while exiting this for the first time it will ask for a password to protect
from changes. This should stop all attempts by Pulse 360. I am using windows
7, but prior windows versions should have a similar feature, as this is the
same area you can use to keep your kids off porn sites and the like.


Hi Steve, Apparently when you use MSNBC.com as a web page, this little pop-up
comes with it. I looked at my pop-up blocker at the top of the site to make
sure if it was on. Apparently MSNBC.com adds a setting that allows or doesn't
allow pop-ups to their page. I clicked it to inticate no pop-ups on MSNBC.com
and it shut the pulse.360 off. It's a legitimate advertisement that is paid
for like all advertising via MSNBC. They just found a tricky way to make
stuff it in your face. Problem solved! - Mike


Thanks for the advise. This pop-up is the worst! I hope I never see it again!
You force people to suffer this ad. Do you think that an unrelenting poke
with this pop-up stick would entice or force me to follow your links and make
you money??? I've hated it like poison. I WILL NOT USE MSNBC AGAIN!

David Sherman

Thanks for the advise. This pop-up is the worst! I hope I never see it again!
You force people to suffer this ad. Do you think that an unrelenting poke
with this pop-up stick would entice or force me to follow your links and make
you money??? I've hated it like poison. I WILL NOT USE MSNBC AGAIN!


I just install W Defender and no problem shows up.
I executed Karpesky I Security and no problem shows up.
I executed Vipre Internet Security and nothing was detected.
Looks to me that this pop-up is hiding as part of Windows OS.


It certainly behave like a trojan. In fact, when my computer got screw, IE
stop working compleatly and my network settings showed continious downloading
of info from my coputer.
Looks to me that Pulse360 is associated with msnbc, which is my default page.
MSNBC should be aware.


Thank you, FireorIce. Pulse360 is the most difficult to remove. Our
corporate site blocker will not allow us to go to the pulse360 web site to
opt-out. Also, when you opt-out, it only lasts for awhile. Nice form reply
from Pulse360. Why does MSNBC do business with one of the worst offenders in
pop-up ads?


Know What You're Talking About

I see where "train wreck" suits you... Have you ever seen pulse 360.com, do
you know what it is you are talking about? there IS NO TOLLS on a pop-up
page and therefore no way to follow your "simple" instructions. People come
here because they need to know. If you don't know, please, don't comment.
Jan 7, 2011
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PULSE 360 Ads

Pulse 360 ads are showing up in the place of other banners. I know they are because I notice them on websites I did myself. They replace custom banners I designed myself as well as some affiliate banners. Is this a problem with my PC or does everyone see these unflattering ads?
Jan 29, 2012
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This threat appeared on my homepage. I'm sure it got installed when I installed a copy and paste video downloader program called vgrabber. After running test, it is ! The utilities i have did not delete it. I found downloaded a removal softwear (microsoft safety scanner) It removed pulse 360 but left a large blank space on ie 9. Still very anorying. What luck! A program called Spibot Search and Destoy .(after many tries with other softwear) After a scan and Fix everything went back to normal. As if it never existed. Watch out, It installed by downloading a safe program without any warning. This vGrabber might not be the only one that it hides inside. I have Windows 7, IE9 and running on Samsung PC 64bit. I hope this works with you. When it does spead the word to others. Good Luck!

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