how to get values at a time step and use it in a ctstep

May 16, 2013
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I am modelling the reduction in a concentration of a material (with initial concentration c0 kg/m3) in a variable composition fluid mixture that flows in a steady state. The mixture is subjected to a transient voltage pulse that reduces the concentration to:

(c2 = c0 * exp(-k*t))

k [1/s] is a function of voltage that gives different values at the pulse and 0 when there is no pulse
t = value

with this exp. the resulted values of c2 are as required at the pulse, but the problem is it goes back again to c0 when there is no pulse :-(.

what I need is to keep the resulted concentrations at the max value of the applied voltage and repeat the same process until c1 goes to 0, or until the fluid flow out of the voltage source.

could anyone advice on how to do that, may be showing a macro or a sample. I am using


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