public or not to public that is the question..



Okay, so I have been having issue with shared calendars.. So i am
thinking about using the public folder option on our exchange 2003,
users are using outlook 2007 in cached mode.

What are some of the big differences/drawbacks to using public
calendars vs. outlook user calendars?



Oliver Vukovics [Public Shareware]

Hi targetUT,


- You do not get reminders from "Public Calendar Folders"

"Reminders Do Not Start for Items in Public Folders"

Only with 3rd party tools you will get reminders:

- Your Mobile Devices do not synchronize with Public Folders (only with 3rd
party utilities)

- Exchange 2007 only have Public Folders as an additional "option"
- Exchange 2010 do not have Public Folders anymore.



Diane Poremsky

along with what Oliver said, what is purpose to the public folder calendar?
in some situations it is better than sharing mailbox calendar, but in other
situations its worse.

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