Category Colours not showing in Public folder calendar


John McGregor

I have one user who changes the colour categories of calendar appointments
in a public folder calendar. The colour changes show immediately on the
calendar on her Outlook client (Outlook 2007) but other users who access this
calendar do NOT see the colour changes at all.

However, if any of the other users make a change to the colour of the
appointments, then everyone else sees the change immediately, including the
one user who's changes are NOT seen!

I've checked the permissions, the update timings, the public folder
permissions on Exchange (Exchange 2003). I've recreated the user's mail
profile and re-installed the Office 2007 package. I've used the
/cleancategories startup switch. Nothing seems to work for this one user.

We are using Outlook 2007 on an Exchange 2003 server. The client OS is
Windows XP.

Can anyone help please?

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