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On all my appointments I categorise them using different colours. Until
today I've never had a problem doing this.

Normally when you add a colour it changes the appointment box only in the
calendar view, however today it has started to colour the whole day the
appointment relates to. So when in any view (Day, week or month) for example
it is now orange (for training) instead of my background calendar colour of
blue. To make things even more odd, it has only done this on 2 calendar
appointments, all others have acted in the normal expected way (blue
background with an orange appointment).

I tried to add another calendar appointment on those days and add a
different colour to that appointment but the day still stays orange as
explained above, with for example a purple appointment as the second event
happening on that day.

I wish I could add a screen shot to explain a bit better, but alas!

I hope all this makes sense and someone will know the answer! Thanks


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