.pst file size not changing when I move emails to new .pst-Outlook



I created a new .pst file and moved all my emails from the first half of 2007
to it. The new .pst file is the actual size that Outlook shows if I look in
the folder properties for file size and compare to windows explorer's number.
My old .pst did not decrease in "actual" file size, even though I removed
half of the data from it. I check the file size from properties and Outlook
shows the size being what I expected (about 350 mb), but the file size that
windows explorer shows is about 700 mb. What can I do to get the file to
match the size that Outlook states? I tried the scanrepair utitily already.

neo [mvp outlook]

You have to compact it. Steps are:

1) Right click on "Personal Folders" in the folder list and select
2) Select Advanced button
3) Select Compact button
4) Be patient as it will take a while for the operation to complete

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