pst file emptied after running scanpst



Hi all. My pst file became empty after running scanpst. I did not enable the
backup option during the repair stage of running scanpst. I was prompted that
the repair was successful. However when i open outlook, my pst file was named
"recovered personal folders" and there was no "lost and found" folder found
even though i use folder list. Every sub folder such as inbox was empty.
Another strange thing is that my folder size was reduced by more than 50%
from 1.8GB to less than 900MB. I am running windows xp with outlook 2003. I
make a copy of my pst file and transfer to another pc running vista with
outlook 2003 and import into outlook. It was worse, not only did it give the
empty folder but file size was reduced all the way to 256KB. How can i
recover my lost mail from my pc running winxp with outlook2003? Thks in


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