Help Recovering PST File After ScanPST Failed




I was using XP Home with Outlook 2002 (or 2003, possibly 2000), when my
laptop had a Blue Screen crash. On restart, Outlook showed the PST as
corrupt and offered to run ScanPST.

After running ScanPST, the resulting Outlook was blank! I check the PST
file and it showed file size of zero. I then removed the hard drive so that
the data on the drive would not be overwritten.

How can I recover emails? I probably had 500MB worth.


Roady [MVP]

You can restore from backup when you created one.

Otherwise, the scanpst.exe utility created a copy of your pst-file as well
when trying a to do a repair (this option is selected by default). It is
created in the same directory as your original pst-file. You can try a 3rd
party repair utility to see if they can recover your data. Note that these
tools don't come cheap so try their demo versions first to see if there is
actually something to recover left. I've had great results with Advanced
Outlook Repair from DataNumen;
If you decide to order use DNC-PUXB-HT to get a discount.

Another recover utility is OutlookFIX from Cimaware;



What is the backup file name? So this would be a backup of the PST BEFORE
ScanPST tries to recover the file?

As for recovering from backup, at that time I did not have one.

Thanks for your reply.

Roady [MVP]

The name would be the same as the original pst-file but only with a .bak
extension instead of a .pst extension. This would indeed be a copy of the
pst-file unmodified by scanpst.exe.

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