Programatically renaming linked tables



I have a series of access databases that reference a
common set of linked oracle tables via odbc. Copies of
these oracle tables are being migrated into sql server and
I want to update my links to reference the new sql server
tables instead of the original oracle tables. The oracle
tables were linked with 'alias' names and the sql server
tables will be linked with the true table names. What this
means is that each linked table will need to be renamed
and the odbc connect string will need to be updated for
each as well. There are over fifty common, linked tables
that reside in a half dozen or so different access
databases. All of these require redefinition. Is there a
way to programatically update the linked table names and
odbc connect strings?


SQL Server does not use the ODBC connection, it has its own driver, which is
more reliable than ODBC. As for an automated way to do this I am not sure.

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