Access 2007 ODBC for Oracle linked table issue




I am using Access 2007 to link to an Oracle 10g database. So far I can link
to all of the tables successfully, except for one. When trying to link to
this table I receive the error “ODBC—call failed [Microsoft][ODBC driver for
Oracle] error in column 11: Numeric value out of range (#0)â€. I have tried
using the driver that comes with the Oracle client software, but I receive
the error message: “ODBC—call failed [Oracle][ODBC] Numeric value out of
range.†I have been looking for resolutions, but have only been able to find
resolutions for Access 2003 – and so far they haven’t work. I contacted my
DBA support team, but they assure me it’s an Access issue – unfortunately
they don’t support access. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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