Program trying to access email addresses



I have recently been getting a pop up box which says ' A
program is trying to access the email addresses which you
have stored in Outlook. do you want to allow this?'
Despite clicking the No button and the Close button, the
box continues to come back. I'm using Outlook 2002. Any
help would be gratefully received - it's driving me nuts!

Ray Martin

Are you running anything that may add items to your Calendar? That slightly
misleading message also appears when that happens, or in fact any other
program tries to access any of your Outlook files.

Next time it happens, run Task Manager to see what's actually running at the
time - that may help you to spot the culprit.

Ray Martin

Jocelyn Fiorello [MVP - Outlook]

Sounds like you may have recently installed the latest service pack for
Office XP. The problem you're describing is a known issue with SP3;
security has been updated to more closely match the security in Outlook
2003. You may be able to get around the problem by either disabling Word as
your e-mail editor or updating some of your add-ins, especially virus
scanners and spam filters (many major manufacturers have already released
compatible updates). See the following articles for more information:;en-us;838871

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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Any updates on this? office uses Nortel Call Pilot
sw, but only one or two users in the firm have this
problem. Any ideas?

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