A program is trying to access email addresses...



Since yesterday, when I send an email, I get this message
in a dialogue box, "A program is trying to access email
addresses you have stored in Outlook. Do you want to
allow this. If this is unexpected, it may be a virus and
you should choose 'No'."

I have Outlook 2002 SP3 version, and I just recently
downloaded Office updates. How do I turn this off? Or, do
I have some other kind of problem?


Uncle Vinnie

Exactly when does that happen- what are you doing at the time?
Does it happen when you are, as an example, using Outlook Express for
newsgroups and you are replying to the SENDER of post you are reading as
opposed to replying to the GROUP???

If so, that would be the program attempting to access your address book/
contact list...


You have another probablem. Update your virus
protection, run it, set the firewall to on.

Arthur Broadhurst

I just did an office update and I have the same problem,
after a clean install, so whatever the problem is it must
be in the Outlook update...

G Kautz

I was having EXACTLY the same thing. It began after installing one of
the updates for Windows or Office (you know were SUPPOSED to do these
updates). Anyway - it turns out it was related to Eliminate Spam
program (paid version). When I disabled the COM ADD-IN, no more
pop-up telling me there was a program trying to access my email
addresses. I have emailed Eliminate Spam support to see if they have
info on this.

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