Profile Errors



I have a Domain Controller running Windows 2003 Server. My users are all configured for roaming profiles. Their profiles are stored on a windows 2000 Adv server. Yesterday when the logged off everything was fine. Today when they login they get the messag
Windows did not load your profile. Profile is attempting to log you on... a copy exists on the server..

when they logoff I can see its uploading the profile but when they logon they get this message. If I create a new user the user doesn't get the message

any ideas?


This is the exact messag

Windows could not load your central profile and is attempting to log on using your local profile
Changes in your profile will not be copied to the server when you are logging off
Windows did not load your profile because there already exists a server copy of your profile folder without sufficient security access
Current user or the Administrator-group has to be owner of the folder.

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