Roaming Profile / Default Profile


Jason Paper

I have a question maybe someone can answer.

We are running a two Win 2000 Server Domain. We decided to make a change for
the user startup page to be home vice www for the intranet site. No problem
there, a quick DNS change, and a tweak to the GPO and all is done. Existing
users had there browsers automatically change from www to home and all was
good. Problem was that when a new user was created the profile he gets when
they log in for the first time has the browser set at www vice home. All
users when created are set to have roaming profiles.

I know when a user logs in for the first time the "default user" profile is
copied over to the new user and they use that to start there own profile. My
question is with roaming profiles does the new user get the copy of the
default user profile from he workstation they log into that first time, or
does the server use the default user profile from the server they
authenticate with? I want to make a change to the default user profile so
that its has it home page set to Home vice WWW but do I need to just do it
on my servers or look at doing it on all of my workstations?

If there is another way that I am not thinking about I am open to



If you're correctly setting the IE home page via a GPO then you
shouldn't need to modify the default user profile - just make sure that
you're new users are in the correct OU to apply the proper group

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