Roaming profile -> no "My documents"




I have a server with roaming profiles on, and one roaming profile WITHOUT
the "my documents" folder on it, although it is stored localy on the default
place. So the user logging on different places has no "my documents" folder

I checked the group policies for the "exclude directories from the roaming
profila" and they are all default.

What I know is that the user once changed the location of his documents, and
then after some time, reverted them to default location.

Anyone knows how i can force the 'update' of his roaming profile directories
or just the "my documents" dir?



I've run into this before also. You might consider redirecting everyones'
MyDocuments folder to a server location (their "home" folders) rather than
having the MyDocs follow the users around. Thats a ton of file downloads
whenever they log on and then a ton of uploads when they log off.
Redirecting the folders is pretty easy in AD and Group Policy and greatly
speeds up their logon and logoff performance.

On some users who changed their mydocs location manually, I had to go in and
manually redirect them to the server location. The Group Policy didn't seem
to work with them.

Good luck.



I appreciate your reply, but you describe a workaround a no solution. I
store documents localy because some users work with large video files, and
storing them on a network location is slower than localy, and it also uses
much bandwidth. Storing it localy seemed the best option.


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