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The system builder of my computer worked on it in his spare time. He did not
enter the product key when he installed Windows XP Home Ver.2002. All is
working and activated. How do I enter the product key at this point? (I
tried following steps to "activation". When get there, it Says "Windows
already activated" "exit".)

David B.

The product key had to have been entered in order to activate, use a utility
like magic jellybean to verify your product key.

XP Guy

"David B." top-posted:
The product key had to have been entered in order to activate,
use a utility like magic jellybean to verify your product key.

Don't be a top-poster. This is not an e-mail conversation. This is

Verifying the product key is not the answer in this case.

Your system is in an undefined state. I've seen this before with the
System Builder versions of XP.

Your system thinks it needs to validate the key it's been given. It may
tell you this immediately after it starts up, and it won't allow you to
do anything else. So you follow the steps to perform an on-line
validation. But during that process it says your installation has
already been activated, and it dumps you back into the startup screen,
where you are told you need to activate your installation.

This can happen when you try to use the product-key change tool on a
system that has been validated and running fine or when too many
hardware changes cause the system to re-validate itself, and someone
tries to change the product key during this cycle.

It might have happened because your system failed the WGA test and
someone tried to give it another product key.

Many have asked why the product key change tool does not work properly
in these situations, with no satisfactory explanation from Microsoft.
I've tried to use magic jellybeans or keyfinder to change the product
key, but they don't work on the System Builder versions of XP (maybe
they do with other OEM or VLK versions, but not System Builder).

You might try the following:

1) When you tell the system you want to validate the installation,
select the telephone method. In that method, there will be an option to
change the product key. Use that option and enter a product key. Try a
product key that you have on hand. Try a friends's product key. Try
any product key you can find for your EXACT version of XP. When you
enter a new product key, abort the phone validation and try the online
method. If that doesn't work, try the phone method but this time follow
it all the way through (make the call, enter the numbers, etc).

2) change your hardware to the point where you force the system to
re-validate itself. Disconnect your CD-rom drive, remove your network
card (or disable it in your motherboard bios settings), add or remove
some memory. Do all of that and then try starting XP. That might be
enough for XP to finally realize that it must perform a complete
revalidation. You should get a message that your installation of XP has
changed significantly. If you get that message, DO NOT CONTINUE. Shut
it down and re-connect everything back the way it should be and then
re-start XP and then follow the revalidation menus.

This situation can be a real bitch, which is why I always work with
cloned hard drives when-ever I perform drive transplants or want to
refurbish systems.

XP Guy

Top-Poaster and Full-Quoter David B. spewed:
I'll post however I like, if you don't like it that's too damn bad.

And I'll keep calling you an ignorant shit head for doing it.

Peter Foldes


I answer and post to over 400 posts a day to mostly to foreign newsgroups on this MS
server. Granted a long time ago it was the proper etiquette to bottom post. Today I
do not even read some of the bottom posters since I do not have the time to read a
novel. Top posting is faster and more efficient today in the way most news servers
are set up and also since you can see who answered to you and who did not .
Some news servers are still using the old method and you cannot follow the posts
unless you read each one but this is not the case here.

I agree with you and hopefully others will see it the same soon


I am embarrassed to say I m isunderstood my SB.!!!! He did put in the Product
Key. He did not "Register" the software because he didn't have my personal
info. Can you tell me how to register? Again I'm soory for the confusion on
my part. Thank you for your time and help!!

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