What to do when your are NOT asked for product key



I had to reinstall windows xp home after a HD crash. It installed but never
asked for my product key. When I try to activate it treats me as if I don't
own the software. How do I enter the product key?

Bernie Stippler

The Windows Product Activation Wizard is located in System Tools. To open a
system tools item, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories,
point to System Tools, and then click the appropriate icon., then click
Activate Windows.

Follow the activation instructions that appear on your screen.


Alternatively, you can open the Windows Product Activation wizard by
clicking Start, then Run, and type in "oobe/msoobe /a".

Hope this helps,


Gis Bun

Depending on the make of the system. With a Dell system, it seems to pick up
the number.

No serial number could occur if the serial number is already part of the CD.
With some exceptions, this could mean the copy is pirated.

As someone else said, try activating. Try going to the Windows Update site.
Try installing Windows Media Player [I think it still checks for a valid

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