Problems with Vista Business complete PC backup on new laptop



I bought a new Sony Laptop SZ4XXX that comes with Vista Business
preinstalled. When I triy to do a complete backup it keep starting with the
first disk, then it does not allow a manual ejection and keeps copying over
and over the Disk 1 on new DVD-Rs...I have to eject by using Computer and
Disk then Eject but I cannot get past Disk 1 of the complete backup. It takes
half an hour each time and I ended up with a bunch of disks1 only. Any other
user had the same problems backing up the whole PC with Vista Business?
Anyone that can help? I cannot use the PC safely until I have done this as
the laptop comes without any system disc so if I had a problem I would be
left with no Vista, no program whatsoever on my new laptop. Anyone can help?

Jill Zoeller [MSFT]

I've seen this described in other Vista newsgroups. Obtaining a new DVD
driver or newer (better) media has solved this for others.

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