Backup Complete PC



I just completed a "Backup Complete PC" operation on my Vista Business
laptop. I now have a 5 restore DVD set.

I know I can restore using these DVDs from within Vista Business by
selecting "Restore Complete PC Backup".

What I want to know is, if my installation is not bootable (or a new hard
drive), can I boot from these disks and restore.




You got an answer 2 days ago...

Rick said you have to boot on the Vista DVD and begin the restore from


Thanks. Don't know why it didn't how on my newsreader... (vista mail).
Anyway, thanks.

The main reason I did this was to be prepared to restore my new VAIO laptop
to original condition should I need to. Mainly because my VAIO did not come
with any installation CD! So... looks like this exercise was a waste of



Correction... not a waste of time. I finally managed to get my VAIO to
produce a set of recovery disks (to factory delivered state). Why they
buried this option inside layers of help menu stuff is beyond me. Why not
put it on the Start menu tree????

Anyway, that'll work. In an emergency I'll be able to first restore to "as
delivered" condition using the manufactures recovery disks, and then restore
to "as configured" conditions (programs, data and all) using the Vista
"Complete PC Backup" disk set.


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