Problems with IE6



Each time I log off from IE6 (I reverted to IE6 becuase of problems with
IE7)I get the error message ""IE has encountered a problem and needs to
close. We are sorry for any inconvenience"

Not a major problem since I am logging off anyway, but annoying,

Windows XP Media Centre Edition. Dell Dmension 5150. Intel D core processor
2.80, 2.79 GHz. 3Gb Ram. 140 Gb HDD.

Any advice appreciated.

Thank you.


PA Bear [MS MVP]

I reverted to IE6 becuase of problems with IE7

What problems?

There is a very good chance that you are seeing the effects of a hijackware
infection. If so, upgrading/downgrading IE isn't going to fix it as your OS
(WinXP) is infected, not your brower.

NB: If you had no anti-virus application installed or the subscription had
expired *when the machine first got infected* and/or your subscription has
since expired and/or the machine's not been kept fully-patched at Windows
Update, don't waste your time with any of the below: Format & reinstall
Windows. A Repair Install will NOT help!

1. See if you can download/run the MSRT manually:

NB: Run the FULL scan, not the QUICK scan! You may need to download the
MSRT on a non-infected machine, then transfer MRT.EXE to the infected
machine and rename it to SCAN.EXE before running it.

2. [WinXP ONLY!! =>] Run the Windows Live Safety Center's 'Protection' scan
(only!) in Safe Mode with Networking, if need be:

3. Run a /thorough/ check for hijackware, including posting the requested
logs in an appropriate forum, not here.

Checking for/Help with Hijackware

**Seek expert assistance in,,,
or other appropriate forums.**

If these procedures look too complex - and there is no shame in admitting
this isn't your cup of tea - take the machine to a local, reputable and
independent (i.e., not BigBoxStoreUSA) computer repair shop.



Try running IE with add-ons disabled

Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Advanced (tab) > UNCHECK "Enable
third-party browser extensions" > OK

Run IE6 now.

If it works now, one of your add-ons is causing the problem. Start Internet
Explorer as normal, Tools, Manage Add-ons, Enable or Disable Add-ons.

Disable all the add-ons. Enable third-party browser extensions in Internet

Restart your browser and enable the add-ons one by one till the problem
appears and you get the culprit.

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I decided to run with first because I had problems about 2
weeks ago with a new toolbar I had added.

This toolbar seems to have been the problem and everything is running
smoothly now.

Thank you for your very clear instructions and your speedy response.

Thanks also to PA Bear for taking the trouble to reply and offer help.

Great response Thanks again.



This would be a good idea. However, I don't want to be critical of the
toolbar. I think it is all my own fault.

Briefly, I downloaded a toolbar some time ago. It's great with 4-5 smart
features. Then it was upgraded. One of the features I use frequently has been
withdrawn and the update has a new great feature. So being clever(!), I
updated and then downloaded the original as well - to have all the features.

It worked - except for the problem which you were kind enough to solve for

Now I use the original toolbar and, if I want the new feature I will
temporarily download the upgrade.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again.


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