problems with Excel 2007 'system cannot find the file specified'



My Excel 2007 on Vista has started failing to open documents with the
error 'system cannot find the file specified' when I double click on
an Excel file or Excel attachment. In Outlook, if I double click on an
attachment, 2 copies of Excel open, and 2 copies of the file are
created in my Outlook temporary files folder named file1.xls and
file1(2).xls. File associations are properly set. I cleaned out the
temporary files folder. Help!

Steve Blevins



Ron de Bruin

It is a good practice not to open files in a mail.
always drag on your desktop before you open it.

But you can try this first to see if you can avoid the error in Excel
Run Office Diagnostics.
Office Button>Excel Options...Resources

Close Outlook/Excel and open Excel again to test it

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