Documents (painfully) slow to open in Excel 2007


Arnold R

I'm having a strange problem in Excel 2007. We just upgraded from Office
2003 to Office 2007. Now when I double click on an Excel spreadsheet (while
Excel is closed) it takes 61 seconds to display the spreadsheet (Excel itself
opens quickly). If I open Excel first (that takes about 1-2 seconds) and
then open the spreadsheet by either double clicking it or using the file open
dialog, the document opens almost instantaneously. And it doesn't seem to
matter whether it's a .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm or .xlsb file format.

I did not have this problem with Office 2003. I've tried a couple of the
fixes I've seen posted for similar issues, such as making sure "ignore other
DDE applications" is unchecked and re-registering Excel. Neither of these
has made a difference.

Any help would be gratefully received.

Arnold R

OK, I found a solution. It appears that if you install at least one add-in
the problem goes away. Go figure. It now opens a spreadsheet in 2 seconds


I have the same problem and just installed the Solver Add-in and now files
open instantly. "Excel options>Add-Ins>Manage:Excel Add-Ins"GO">"

I imagine any of the Add-ins would work, but only tried this one.


Richard S.

Similar problem here: clicking on any excel file would start excel but the
worksheet would not open until I resized the screen or did just about
anything else that would initiate a change and the worksheet would pop right
open. I installed one of the ad-ons as Arnold R. suggested, and it works
just fine. Don't know what the relationship is between the two but you can't
beat the results. Thanks for the suggestion.

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