Excel 2007 & Excel 2003 sharing server



How do I stop 2003 spreadsheets automatically opening in Excel 2007??

I currently run a Win 2003 server with Office 2003 installed.i have recently
installed Office 2007 .
I need spreadsheets created in Excel 2003 to be opened (by default) with
Excel 2003.
At the moment if I double click on a spreadsheet ANY spreasheet Excel 2007
opens it.

I have tried changing the file association using the administrators login
however this did not work.

Dave Peterson

Untested--I don't have xl2007 and xl2003 on the same pc.

I'd try reregistering xl2003.

Close excel
windows start button|Run
"C:\yourpathtoexcel2002\excel.exe" /regserver

My thought is that xl2003 will take back the .xls extension, but leave the newer
extensions alone.

You'll want to test both the new and old extensions to see if it breaks

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