Excel 2007 won't open Excel 2003



I'm having an odd problem with my Excel 2007. Excel 2007 will not open my
Excel 2003 files by double clicking on them. I tried to associate the Excel
2003 with Excel 2007, but I think I got the wrong Excel file associated, and
now it won't unassociate. Excel 2007 will open the Excel 2003 files, only if
I run Excel 2007 then "Open" the Excel 2003 file through Excel 2007. The
files seem OK.

I'm running Vista with Office 2007. I have the following 2 issues:
1) Excel 2007 will not associate with Excel 2003 Files (Open With does not
2) How do I remove something from the associate list?


You have to open Excel first then File Open. Older files "need" certain
information from the application before they will work.

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