Excel 2007 File Wont open PDFmaker



Hi guys,

Ok, here is the problem. When opening an excel 2007 or 2003 file by itself,
it wont open, but Excel will open. If I open Excel 2007 first, then the file
opens fine. Now I know there is a fix for this and I applied the fix. The
fix I did was the file extension described here.
This past week the Office 2007 automatic updates ruined my settings and the
problem is back. Does anyone know of a permanent fix for this. Note. There
is something with Adobe, but I am not sure what it is. I know the PDFmaker
problem. Interestingly, I have uninstalled adobe acrobat and removed the
pdfmaker and with the default Excel file extensions, I still can't open the
file by itself. Anyone have any ideas or insights for a permanent fix?


Sorry, but we do not have any solution to this. Just want to say that we have
exactly the same problems on a lot of computers with excel 2007 opening 2003
xls files (but not on all?). The fix in the web link works for us but has to
be reapplied after some office updates. PDFmaker (6/7/8) has not made any
trouble for us, but only version 8 and newer supports the new ribbon bar, but
is not needed if you install the free Microsoft Save as PDF add-in.

BUT why is Microsoft silent about this confirmed bug!

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