PDFMaker and Compile Errors



I just installed Office 2007 and each time I open Excel I receive the
following message: "The file you are trying to open "PDFMaker.old2" is in a
different format than specified by the file extension. Verify that the file
is not corrupted and is from a trusted source before opening the file. Do you
want to open the file now? "Yes" and then: Compile error in hidden module
"AutoExecNew" and upon closing Excel I receive: Compile error in hidden
module: DistMon.
I have taken the following steps:
deleted all pdfmaker files, removed the program "Paper Port" the source of
the pdfmaker add-in, removed the pdfmaker add-in in Excel, removed all Norton
programs, removed Adobe Reader and reinstalled Adobe with the latest update
and I also ran the auto correction in Adboe and emptied the Recycle Bin.
This is not causing a problem but is just irritating - does anyone have a
solution to my problem? Thanks I would really appreciate suggestions. LinKay



Dave Peterson

I bet when you were having trouble with that autoexecnew, you decided to rename
pdfmaker.xl* to *.old2--instead of moving it to a different location.

And now even though you think you deleted all the pdfmaker.* files, you missed

I'd close excel and use windows start|search to look for pdfmaker*.* files.
Remember to look in hidden folders, too.

If that doesn't work, you can try an old DOS command to search:

Windows Start button|Run
(to get to the Command prompt)

(to get to the C: drive--change this to the drive that excel is installed on)

(to get to the root directory)

dir pdfmaker*.* /s

The /s says to search subfolders, too.

Make a note of the locations of the found files. I would move them somewhere
else or delete them--not just rename them.

Some background info about the pdfmaker problem:

Take a look here:

OFF: "Compile Error in Hidden Module" Error Message When You Start
Word or Excel




Thanks so much - there were actually 5 pdf files hidden. I appreciate your
help. Linda

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