problems with daylight savings time change



The time has always been correct on my computer. Since the recent change to
daylight savings the time on my computer did not change. I tried updating
from some of the different default servers but my time is still 1 hour
behind. I also tried changing it is the BIOS which also correctly changed in
in windows, however as soon as it does and autmomatic synchronization the
time again gets changed incorrectly. I have verified that my time zone is
correct and I have the option checked to automatically adjust for daylight
savings time. It does appear to be a time zone issue but I am at a loss as
to why. For now I have the auto sync turned off and have manually changed
the time, but I shouldn't have to do this. Please help.



PA Bear [MS MVP]

Is the machine fully patched at Windows Update? If it was and you had the
"Automatically adjust for DST" option enabled, you shouldn't have had to
adjust anything when DST came into effect. This also assumes your date,
time, and time zone settings were correct at 02:00 local time on 09 Mar-08.

DST Support Center

Check-in at the DST Support Center and see if the machine's missing any
DST-related updates.


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