Problem with windows Updates and MS Security Essentials Updates


Michael C

Hi there,

I have a problem on my Windows 7 x64 machine's firewall configuration that's a bit annoying.

Basically Windows Updates and MS Security Essentials Updates do not go through the default Windows Firewall. I have to disable the firewall in order to update either of these systems. Needless to say I'm not 100% happy with this.

I've tried to find the program or service that is being blocked and allow it through Windows Firewall, but I haven't had any luck finding the correct one.

Any suggestions for what programs or ports to open up to get this service working would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Coombes

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The MSE forums are here:

Unless you have configured the Windows Firewall, the default settings should
have no impact on updates to Windows or MSE. Both use the piping for Automatic
Updates - BITS.

Prior Security Software?
Any security software still installed?
A possible reason for this problem is that you have conflicting security
software installed fully or partially on the PC. Remove all other security
software from the PC.
You may need to use a cleanup tool to remove your prior security software:
Be sure to review this post:
Check list for installing Microsoft Security Essentials

If that fails to resolve the problem, open an email support case:
To open an email support case, start here:


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