If I uninstall Windows Live Essentials will I lose ability to use Hotmail?



For the last month or so my firewall (Zone Alarm) has been
busy asking permission to permit numerous questionable
programs to connect with my computer. The programs seem to
be part of Windows Live Essentials and Windows Security
Essentials. I have XP(MCE), to which Microsoft evidently
installed the two 'Essential' programs listed above. I
believe that MS may have tied these programs to my Hotmail

I want to uninstall the two 'Essential' programs because,
imho, they are a pain in the butt.

My question: Will I lose my Hotmail account, and if so,
will I be able to reopen the Hotmail account? I don't have
any important files saved with Hotmail nor with Windows
Live, so I assume I could reopen the Hotmail account using
my old email address and password.

Thank you for your advice.

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