Problem with Permissons



I have an admin account and a limted user account on Vista home premium
The computer is on a network using the same name in Workgroups. Sharing is
enabled on the two other computers running windows xp pro and in the Main
User Folder, 3 folders are set up to share including the "my documents
folder for each user on those computers. Also on the C: drive- I set two
folders called "Robinjunk" and "Downloads" to share

On the xp computers running xp pro- they see each other and can share the
User Folder and the two folders on c" drive with no problems.

When on the admin account on the Vista one, I can access the other
computers on these folders but the User folder. Here it tells me
permission is denied.

If i go on the limted account- here it asks for the username and password on
the other computers and once given, I can access the User Folder and the
folders that are shared on the networked computers.

Now if I make another account and give it admin access- try going across the
network- it goes into the User folder and all three shared folders accross
the network.

Why won't it give access on the main admin account to the User Folder on the
other computers accross the network?

I am totally baffled and I must be missing something.

Any ideas?



also just to be more clear

I only have two user accounts-
one has administrator privliges one has limited
the one on adminstrator privliges cannot get into the User folder on the xp
pro networked computer
If I make another User account with Administrative Privliges that User can
get in.
Why can't the first User account that has Adminstrative Privliges get in?

the limited account was tested and the only way they can get in is by
putting in the username and password to the other xp computer. But he gets
in,,, that is my point.

On the User account that has administrator privileges- she cannot get in.
She can get into the two files that are on the c drive that are being shared
but not the Administrator User Account that is set to share on the xp pro

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