problem with numbered heading



I am working with a template that have numbered headings. All heading levels
has a left indent set to 1.78 cm. It works fine except for heading to that
goes back to left indent 0 and tab after set to 0,63. I do not understand
why. If I look in the template it is set to 1.78. What can it be?
I also have numbered paragraphs based on the heading style like this

1. Text - heading 1
1.1 Text - heading 2
1.1.1 Text - heading 3

1.1 Text - paragraphtext1
1.1.1 Text - paragraphtext2

does anyone know what the problem might be?



Margaret Aldis

How are you setting the indent? In a numbered style, it must be done via the
Numbering format, not overridden in the Paragraph dialog.

For full details on how to set up outline numbered headings, see

Not sure what you are trying to do with the paragraph numbering. If you have
two separate sets of styles (with different indents) using the same
numbering sequence, you will be better of with LISTNUM fields. You can base
one style on another if you want to share exactly the same numbering format,
but there can be some surprises if you do - for instance, demote/promote
numbering levels will give you the base styles (the ones actually linked to
the numbering format).


I explainied it wrong, what I ment was that the numbering is set to number
position:left, aligned at: 1.78 cm, tab space after: 1.78 and indent: 1.78.
Sorry for not explaining it right. The problem is that the when I use the
heading 2 it sometimes looks like the tab space after is set to 0.63 but when
I look in the template it shows 1.78 ...

"Margaret Aldis" skrev:


Now I have read and build my
numbered headings after that but I still have the problem that sometimes the
heading goes back to 0.63.
I have set it to position:left, aligned at: 0 cm, tab space after: 1.78 and
1.78., that should be ok ??
It works fine most of the time but sometimes heading 2 goes back 2 tab 0,63
and sometimes heading 4 goes back to 1.52.

"Margaret Aldis" skrev:



Suzanne S. Barnhill

As Margaret has pointed out, the amount of indent you have defined is not
adequate for your longer numbers. You will need to either increase the
indent or make your numbers right-aligned.

Suzanne S. Barnhill
Microsoft MVP (Word)
Words into Type
Fairhope, Alabama USA

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