Problem with my internet connection


Inam Yousufi

Hi everyone!!

I hope I can get some help out of here. I've 512 kbps DSL shared connection.
I'm noticing that my internet speed is going slower by day to day. I had
downloaded lots of files from the internet from certain sites at reasonable
speed. But now its not so. There're no viruses in my pc as i've installed a
fresh copy of windows Vista. Please someone help me how to improve the
internet speed. The downloading as well as the browsing. I'll be so
thankful. Give me lots of tips in this regards..


Jack \(MVP-Networking\).

DSL of 512 kb/sec. when downloading one file on its own suppose to yield a
download speed of 50KB/sec.
How much you get?
If it is much slower and you are using a computer connected directly to the
modem with fresh installation of Vista, then it should be the ISP
responsibility to come and check the output of the Modem at your home.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

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