Problem with Multi-user



I have 3 accounts on my PC, one admin, two limited (for my kids), running on
Windows XP SP3.

Now, when we boot up the PC, if my son (limited account) or I (admin
account) logs in first, there is no problem. However, if my daughter (limited
account) logs in, the PC got stuck. On the desktop, some icons are okay, some
aren't (they look like document shape not icons) and the PC is frozen. She
said that when this happens, she has to restart (i.e. pressing reset button
because it is frozen) a few times until it finally boots up okay (and the
desktop is fine).

I checked her settings (startup applications, display property etc) and I
couldn't find anything different with my or my son's account.

I would appreciate any advise to fix this matter.


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