Problem with LinXcel webcam and Windows XP



Hello all,
I am not sure if anyone will be able to help with this, but I
figured it would be worth a shot. I have a brand new LinXcel webcam
for my laptop that **claims to be** Windows XP compatible and is USB
1.1. It came with a CD with Ulead Explorer which was supposed to have
drivers on it. However, I cannot find them. I believe Windows XP is
installing a generic "USB VGA Camera Capture" driver that almost makes
it work, but not quite. I have done extensive online research for
LinXcel manufacturer's website to hopefully find real drivers for it -
all to no avail. The generic driver works fine until you go into
Windows XP's Control Panel -> Scanners and Cameras wizard, where if
you hit the "Test Scanner or Camera" button, it immediately comes back
with an error message that says "Your imaging device failed to
complete the diagnostic test successfully". From other research, I've
found that if it doesn't work in this wizard it won't work in MSN
Messenger's video chats? Which is the main reason I got it in the
first place. Anyway, it doesn't work in MSN Messenger, but it DOES
work (isn't this strange) on flash video phones like the one at If anyone had any ideas of things I could try, that
would be great, I would really really appreciate any help.



My Configuration:
Toshiba P1955-S803 Laptop
Windows XP Home
512 MB RAM
60 GB

If you need more info, just let me know.


I just setup the same web cam on Windows 98. This is the error I get:

Test Failed
Your scanner or camera failed to successfully complete the diagnosti

However, the camera works in Messenger, netmeeting, and ICUII but no
very well. It's very dark and the light doesn't help much. I wil
probably be looking for another. I am very disappointed in it.
Fortunately it was a cheapie from Ebay

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