Windows XP Problem with Audio driver

Oct 14, 2009
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I recently reformatted my pc i have a hp pavilion 7862. Thing is I dont have the hp recovery disk either i lost it or the pc didn't came with it.

So I reformatted the pc with an unattended version of windows xp. Everything went right and the only problem that i encountered were that there was no drivers for audio, video or raid devices.

The video device i got the driver from NVIDIA easy.
For the audio device i downloaded Everest to scan my pc for the name of the device it came out as VIA AC97 audio so i searched and I downloaded it.

It successfully installs and the it reboots and now when i enter windows after prob 15 seconds a Blue Screen of Death comes up telling me that the driver is wrong and it tells me sysaudio.sys is causing the damage.

I already tried to solve the problem in safe mode same thing happens, running CHKDSK same thing, command prompt, vga the same. I can enter windows but it will stop working after the 15 sec.

My question is how can i remove or uninstall the driver from ubuntu or what can i do._

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Feb 23, 2002
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You may be able to use "last known good config" from the boot options menu, otherwise you would just re-install Windows XP again.

It's quite likely that Windows Update will have the audio driver for your system, so once you can boot again point your browser to this URL and update any drivers that it suggests :

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